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So, What Is A Smart Marketing Site?

Smart Sites attract visitors, and then they offer them an irresistible reason to try your products/services.
They also deliver your offer and showcase your business. 

Haup2it Smart Sites can be even smarter by adding more strategic marketing tools designed to take your customers by the hand and take them on a journey that leads them to try or buy.

The money is definitely in the list and with Haup2it Smart Sites, you will quickly build a list of qualified that's really smart! You can follow up and contact your customers as often as you want, it's your list.

Turn on our marketing tap and enjoy the flood of business that will come from your new site.  



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We have all the tools we need to grow any business online

Our arsenal of updated digital marketing tools helps us create anything our clients desire. They include e-mail marketing, chatbots, site assistants, booking calendars, sales funnel builders, and lots more.

We love creating strategic marketing plans for our clients, but the best part is watching their calendars fill up and their sales soar! 

We are John & Shirley Hauptman and we are passionate about helping local & online businesses grow by marketing them online. We provide website building & development, plus marketing & training services for local businesses. Here's what makes us qualified to help you!

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Business Websites

We can build any type of business website, including e-commerce, blog, e-learning, webinar, etc. We have all the tools and training required to help anyone put their business online. 

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Sales Funnels

We use a powerful building tool  that helps us build any size sales funnel, designed to help you close the sale.  Our large selection of pre-designed niche funnels are perfect for the  local business entreprenuere who wants to grow their busines!

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Loyalty Programs

We also offer local business retailers and restaurant owners our services to build mobile, self marketing, loyalty programs. We can show you how to keep you hard earned customers coming back

Digital Marketing 

We know what you need to market your business online, so when we jump on a consultation call, the objestive is to find the perfect fit for you and your business.  

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